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Beaver La Resistance has a problem with authority.

From a young age, she had difficulty accepting things the way they were, and had trouble doing things just because the Beaver-in-Charge said they had to be that way. Some wanted to surround themselves with identical beavers and build dams to separate themselves from other streams, but Beaver La Résistance loved biodiversity. She knew that a healthy wetland was one that lifted all species up, and where everyone had a chance to thrive. She was labeled a troublemaker and a rebel, but she knew she wasn't alone, so she gathered up some friends from all over the wetlands and decided to create something better.

Beaver La Résistance wants to change the landscape one dam at a time, making sure that every beaver's voice is heard and everyone has a chance to build a safe place to frolic. Some people call her "nasty", and she likes it that way.

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