Since he was a young kit, Fur-Eddie found that dragging around trees to build boring ol dams wasn't as glam as he desired. He wanted to dress up. He wanted to sing...he wanted to rock. 


His flamboyant ways made him few friends around the lodge.  His family's conservative views and expectations made him gnawseous. They had a different vision for him - they hoped he'd become more of a traditional monogamous Beaver father. But he felt that he was much more suited to be a queen - a Beaver Queen. 


Fur Eddie swam far from the lodge one night and branched out, landing a gig as the front Beaver in a band named "(Beaver) Queen". 


Fur-Eddie became the brains behind such beaveriffic hits as:

- "We are the Chewmpions"

- "Beaverian Rhapsody"

- "Another One Bites the Wood"

- "Trees are the Days of our Lives"

- "Fur-bottomed Girls"


The rest is history.