Platypussy Galore is not your average mammal.  The adopted child of a strong beaver family, she's fierce, strange, beautiful and always keeps her figure after childbirth because she lays eggs. Yeah, that's right, eggs.  Ms. Galore was discovered by her parents, Ted and Katie Lodger, in the fabled Australian city SchnOz. She returned to the Land of SchnOz at 18 and entered the Australian secret service.  To create an alter ego, she began her modeling career and her ample duck-like bill now graces the covers of fashion magazines such as Big Tails, Bills Gone Wild, and Maxim.  After retiring from spy-work, she moved back to the United States at age 25 and has been seen on TV Shows such as Real Housewives of Ellerby Creek County and in her infamous "tape" with the late great Steve Irwin in 2004. Her sexy notorious cover shoot for Maxim featured the magazines first milk sweating swimsuit model. Known as the funniest talent in the pageant, Platypussy Galore intends on wowing judges and audiences all over the world with her fashion model/stand up comedy mash up.  She also plays the cello.