She GLEANS, she PREENS, she CLEANS, she GREENS, and she wants to be your QUEEN! She’s Glean-da the Good Beaver! 


This glamorous gleaner is on the hunt for a good find,

She knows all the sweet spots for the things that people leave behind.

In a swamp or in a thrift shop, you'll find her at her leisure:

One beaver’s trash is another beaver’s treasure.


She loves sparkles, she loves glitter, and diverting waste streams!

You won't see her at the Wal Mart cause she's keeping it green!

Where there's diamonds in the rough, she'll be hot on their trail,

The work gets done when she's shaking her tail!


Getting funky on the dance floor is the secret to her spunk,

You should see what she can do when she brings the funk!

With moves like these, she's a beaver lover's dream:

There’s no place like home and she’s gonna keep it clean


glean /?l?n/ verb:

To gather the trash and find the treasure.

A gleaner makes sure every scrap is put to good use.